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High Volume Low Speed <br /> (HVLS) Fan

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan

Why by choosing our HVLS Fans is a breeze?

MacroAir invented the big fans and continue to manufacture the most cost-efficient, quiet,
beautiful, and powerful big commercial and industrial HVLS fans in the market.
We are driven by four principles:

Move Air Precisely

Designing HVLS fans that produce ideal airflow for cooling and heating any application.

Move Air Efficiently

Creating big ceiling fans that move air at the absolute lowest operating cost.

Move Air Smoothly

Manufacturing big fans that are quiet and energy efficient.

Move Air Infinitely

Building large fans that maintain their high quality over time.

Professional advice from a full qualified technical team

Designs that comply with all relevant standards

Our responsibility for providing a design that is safe

Experience and the software to provide an ‘optimum’ design

MacroAir HVLS Fan Series

X-Series (Gearless)
This fan boasts a bullet proof, industrial-grade, direct drive motor/controller platform more powerful and far superior than any fan before it. The MacroAir AVDX is a true workhorse that can endure the harshest industrial environments without breaking a sweat.
AVD 370-2 (Gearless)
The next generation of air movement is here and engineered for maximum performance with peak efficiency. Ideal for ceiling heights as low as 12 feet, the AirVotution-D 370/2 commercial ceiling fan is the perfect airflow solution for cooling your smaller spaces. A sleek design and custom color options add to its appeal, making these fans the most attractive ceiling fans on the market.
AVD 430 (Gearless)
The AirVolution-D3 is ideally suited for medium to large spaces such as car dealerships, manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses. Designed to be our most cost-effective HVLS fan, this model incorporates the primary benefits of our gearless technology. It features the highest efficiency motor available, reduced weight, less noise and no maintenance. In addition, it is suitable for wet environments with an IP65 rating for wash down or outdoor use. When high performance, best value and budget are critical factors, the AirVolution-D3 delivers the best ROI of any HVLS fan on the market today.

Additional Features:


• Control network, group or individual fan
• Control fan speed, direction, and light
• Schedule run time

Air Effect

• Set and maintain your desired temperature
• Senses room temperature and humidity
• Control fan speed and direction

Light Kit

• High performance LED
• Directly illuminate your space
• Control with touchpad or tie into light gride

Air Lynk

An external, high-performance building automation multi-protocol interface that is preconfigured to communicate between any MacroAir fan and various building automation protocols.

Energy Efficient

Save up to 30% on energy bills, saves 20% on heating by bringing warm air down to the floor.

Project Support

Customized solutions and local service provided by our strong technical team.


In KHIND, we carry various type of big fans – Ceiling Mounted, Portable and Wall Mounted to suit into different types of environment and requirement.

One of the most energy-efficient fans available today for homes, schools, commercial and industrial spaces. A highly efficient brushless-DC motor coupled with digital electronics, powers six aluminium fan blades to circulate air effectively.One of the most energy-efficient fans available today for homes, schools, commercial and industrial spaces. A highly efficient brushless-DC motor coupled with digital electronics, powers six aluminium fan blades to circulate air effectively.
KHIND AirBlast Wall Mounted HVLS Fan
AirBlast Fan can be use on either beam or wall application with a total height of 2m and fixed direction. Equipped with Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS) motor, is able to produce huge and continuous air.Using 1 Unit AirBlast fan is comparable to more than 20 units small fans during the hot day. Frame is made with strong steel and durable material.
KHIND AirPivot Wall Mounted HVLS Fan
• Oscillating Function
• Easy to Use & Control
• Able to Adjust Vertically
• Aerodynamic Aluminium Blades
• Adjustable Wall Mounting Bracket
• High Ventilation Efficiency
KHIND Cyclone Portable HVLS Fan
Relite Cyclone fan is a portable large high volume low speed fan, 2m high and equipped with 4 wheels, which can be move around easily in both indoor and outdoor environment. The fan is using the Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor to drive the fan blades, which can produce large and continuous air. The steel frame is integrated designed to be sturdy and durable for use in any places including harsh environment.