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Khind Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd is your one-stop provider for your electrical and environmental needs. We offer competitive reliable and integrated solutions to homes, schools, hotels, factories, shopping centres and many more.

Our expertise and core competencies in electrical products as well as environmental products and services allow us to offer customers our best.

 Brands We Carry

We market a wide range of electrical products which are used in diverse applications, ranging from:
Power Distribution

› Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems
› Flexible Conduit Systems
› Isolators
› Busducts
  Power Protection
› Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
› Battery Monitoring Systems
› Computer Room Precision Air-con

› Ceiling Fan
› High Volume Low Speed (HVLS)
› Wall Fan
› Exhaust Fan
› Wall Mounted Hair Dryer
› Hand Dryer
  Energy Saving Systems
› Renewable Energy Solutions
› Intelligent Building Solutions
› Washroom Hygiene Products & Services
› Pest Control & Management
With offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, we are committed to provide quality service and customer support to our clients.
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